AlertID helps protect you and your family by keeping you currently updated with public safety information. It’s made available to you immediately by way of this FREE online service. This system uses the latest and most innovative technology to help reduce crime in your area. This system creates a two-way communication source between federal, state or local authorities and citizens. This is going to provide immediate information pertaining to crime, natural disasters and even terrorism that may cause a threat to you, your family or your community. Find more information on
With this unique system, you are always connected to your neighbors and local authorities which allows you to exchange information that can help everyone stay up to date on threats that may be in the area and even on missing child alerts.
This has rapidly become one of the most important and beneficial tools that the public has begun to use for protecting communities and families everywhere. There are a number of people that are signing up for this service and there are a number of benefits and features that come with signing up:

What You Receive at No Cost

Live Crime Map: You can see crime that happens in your neighborhood. This map is interactive and shows potential crime or threats to your family or local schools. There is an electronic neighborhood watch also that helps neighbors warn each other.
Connect to Local Police: You are alerted immediately by local law enforcement of any crime that has taken place in the area as well as natural disasters that may be a threat to your area. You will also be alerted of any terrorist threats that could have an effect on you.
Instant Danger Notifications: You will receive real-time updates on different threats that could impact your family. You can sign up for text and e-mail notifications which keep you in the loop all the time.

Connect to Your Neighbors: With AlertID you can stay in touch with your neighbors and alert each other in case there is anything suspicious going on in the community or neighborhood. You can also get in touch with local authorities as well and alert your neighbors afterwards.
Neighborhood Watch
This app has been proven to help reduce crime rates and using the newest technology around, you will find that staying up to date on crimes is easier than ever. There are even ways to see what sex offenders are in your area and how close to schools they are. This service is provided to the public though public-private partnerships with law enforcement as well as a number of other public agencies. This is a free service to citizens meaning there really is nothing you have to lose when signing up.

There are a number of people that are looking for extra steps to take to help protect their families and this is a great service to consider utilizing. You can protect your family and help keep your neighbors informed as well which allows everyone to stay up to date on crimes and other threats that may get in the way of living safe and sound in your own home.

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